An average game last about 15 minutes.

You start at a random position in a spaceship. One of the player is an alien with an human form , so you can't see he is an alien host. The alien can turn into his alien form at any time. When he is in alien form , you can't see his name aswell , so the only way to be sure that a player is alien is to see him transforming .

Note : The alien is chosen 2 minute after the game as started , after this , all player that join are alien spawn (can't use human form).

The point of this game is trying deduce wich players are aliens. And kill them , before they kill you.

At the beginning , you don't have any weapons. Weapons can be picked up but their weigh prevent you from carrying too much.

Players have 4 different type of needs : Eating , going to toilet , sleeping , and washing themselves.

Several time in a game they are given randomly one of the 4 different needs. They need to sastify it by going to a specific place. They have a randomly set countdown to acomplish it. If they don't before it's over , they die (and become spawn).

Players can kill each other , when a player is'nt killed by an alien , he respawn as a minor alien spawn wich is unable to turn into human form but has infinite respawn. If he is killed by a "true alien" (able to turn into human form) he become a "true alien".
If an alien kills human under it's human form he will die

Aliens can see if other players are aliens or not.

Humans win if all "true aliens" have been killed. They lose if they all die.

*Use your "CROUCH" key to pick up items
*Use your "SPRINT" key to throw items
*Use ironsight (right mouse button) for a much better accuracy
*Enter the specific area in the given time or you will die